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Tackling home improvement projects is not for the faint of heart, and DIY adventures can often leave you tired, hurt, in debt, or dissatisfied with your finished product. Instead of trying to complete a big change to your home on your own, let the skilled technicians of American Maintenance Solutions do the heavy lifting. Our range of large home improvement projects cover a variety of options, depending on the level of integration and involvement that you prefer.

If you have a project in mind already, our team can provide the skilled professionals and industry equipment necessary to bring your dream Renovations to life. If you're not sure when you want to begin construction on your home improvement project but still need assistance with planning the specifics for it, AMS provides Project Planning services. Finally, our Design-Build options provide our clients with an extensive partnership which starts with the initial design phase and lasts throughout the construction process. No matter what stage of planning you are in, AMS is ready to provide the assistance you need when you need it.

You have a project in mind, and now you need the professional team at American Maintenance Solutions to help make your vision a reality. In order to ensure the success of your endeavors, it is essential to establish highly-organized and strategic plans that make the design and construction process, from start-to-finish, one that is efficiently-managed, smooth and transparent. Through our Project Planning service, we provide you with the knowledge and expertise of our dedicated team of professionals, who know how to complete a project in its entirety with the quality and skill you would expect.

Whether you're looking to update and refurbish or start fresh with a new concept in mind, our highly-skilled professionals are ready to assist you in all of your renovations initiatives. From transforming your outdated kitchen into a stylish and comfortable new setting to changing up flooring and more, the American Maintenance Solutions team is ready to tackle any renovations ideas you may have. Our upfront planning and project management ensures that your renovations are completed in a timely and accurate manner, resulting in less stress for you. We are pleased to assist you in a wide range of renovation endeavors.

In the worlds of Maintenance and Construction, Design-Build Projects are those that fall under the umbrella of one contractor for the entire production process. The team that works to design the vision you have in mind is the same team that constructs your vision with careful thought and precision. This project delivery system helps our clients by saving them time through the integration of the design and construction phases, while also minimizing the risks for the product owner. When you work with our team from start to finish, you can be sure to appreciate the intimate care that goes into every stage of the process. At American Maintenance Solutions, we are pleased to offer this seamless and efficient manner of delivering your items and services.
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